Saturday, 2 August 2014

Oreo Buttercream Cupcakes

As my blog is only just starting out, I want to make sure that anyone who happens to come across my blog has something to read so excuse a potential high volume of posts over the next week or so! I decided to share my favourite cupcakes I have ever made; they're nothing fancy so if you're looking to make a wow impression, they may not be for this occasion.They are, however, absolutely delicious which is what really matters in a cupcake! So if you are just looking for a recipe to make a batch of cupcakes that are sure to be gone in about ten minutes, then look no further!

Beautiful Oreo Cupcakes!

I was so bored of making endless vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. As lovely as they are (if I say so myself!), I was eager to try something a bit different. I started with a batch of standard chocolate chip cupcakes, although if you were to try these cupcakes you could use your own favourite chocolate cupcake recipe.

The piping was the hardest part by a country mile! So stressful in fact I very nearly ended up heaping it on with a spoon rather than attempt to pipe it again! The buttercream consists of a plain vanilla buttercream with a few mashed up oreos mixed in! I am not going to give you a recipe or measurements as I am completely hopeless at estimating how much buttercream I will need to cover and fill a cake, or ice a few cupcakes - despite the HUNDREDS that I have made. But a general ratio is 1:2 (butter:icing sugar) so if you are using 100g softened butter (I would recommend giving a good beating before you even add any icing sugar), use 200g icing sugar. Just add the icing sugar gradually until you have the desired consistency.  Add in as many Oreos as you want for the flavour or look that you want, I think I used around 7/8 for mine which was perfect for the taste I was after. I mashed them into the smallest pieces possible and folded it in. It turned the buttercream to a speckly grey colour with a slightly grainy consistency which I know doesn't sound very appetising but trust me you will not regret it!!

For these particular cupcakes, after trying a large round nozzle and my biggest open star nozzle I just could NOT get the icing to come out properly. I realised all the bits of oreos were clogging up the tip and no matter what I did, it was just completely unavoidable. So I recommend cutting the end off a piping bag (neatly!) and just piping a big fat swirl from there - worked okay for me! Push a mini oreo into the icing for decoration and you will have a batch of cute, tasty cupcakes!!

Let me know if you have any more luck piping this buttercream, I would love to hear any tips or suggestions :)

Teri x

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  1. Yum, love the sound of this buttercream! You could try spreading the buttercream on the cupcake using a palette knife :) Laura@Baking in Pyjamas