Friday, 22 August 2014

Holiday Time!

I am in a very good mood writing this post becaaauuuseee.... I am going on holiday today! I am going to Mexico with my family for 2 weeks before I go back to university, I am sooo excited! I went a few years ago and absolutely loved it: the weather, the people, the scenery, the food!!! I don't imagine I'll be eating many cupcakes while I'm away, and I certainly won't be baking (boohoo) but I am aiming to get some flavour inspiration while I am there. I just love all mexican food; I love their flavour combinations, the spices they use and the beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables. When I last went I was a vegetarian so I feel that I wasn't fully able to appreciate all that was on offer but now, after 9 years I am eating chicken again (for health reasons, I'm still struggling with the ethics behind it all...) so I will get a whole new experience! And I am definitely going to come back a few pounds heavier... Oh no!

So in my absence, unfortunately I will be unable to bake and share my recipes for you. However I have prepared 2 posts to go out while I am away (only 1 a week unfortunately, getting ready for holiday meant I was unable to do much more than that). So sorry for the inconsistencies in posting as I do try to be as consistent as possible but I hope you enjoy what I have prepared and enjoy the next two weeks! Check back on wednesdays for new posts (one brand new cupcake idea that I think you will all love... *hint hint - twix cupcakes*).

I will surely do a little holiday post when I get back to let you know I am back and to share my adventures and a few photos. Goodbye for now!

Teri x

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