Wednesday, 13 August 2014

New Blog Name

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Some of you may have noticed that my blog has had a complete revamp this evening... Including a new name! This blog is newly named "Teri's Baking Cupboard" instead of lovecrumbs. I thought long and hard before I changed my name because it is potentially a reeeally stupid decision to make when you're still trying to get your blog up and running, but hopefully this wont affect me too much (aahh!!). I initially thought I would have the first few weeks to experiment and play around without anyone noticing, I never thought I would have such a good reaction and my blog would have grown so quickly so thank you thank you thank you!
I thought I would explain the reason behind my name in case anyone happened to wonder... I feel that Teri's Baking Cupboard more accurately reflects what this blog is about: this is a baking blog first and foremost and it is my own experimentation and experiences in the kitchen being posted! Lovecrumbs did not feel very "me". I also discovered that lovecrumbs is actually a gorgeous little cakeshop in Edinburgh, Scotland and I do not want anyone to think I am affiliated with them, or vice versa!
So hopefully my little blog will continue to grow as successfully it has been and my name change will not confuse anyone that has chosen to revisit my blog and wonders where lovecrumbs has gone!! 

Thanks for your support everyone, and hope you like the new look :)

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